a photo of Irene H. Yoon
  • Associate Professor, Educational Leadership&Policy
  • Faculty Research Associate, Utah Education Policy Center

Current Courses

Fall 2022

  • ELP 7060-001
    Qual Research Meth I
    Location: GC 5490 (GC 5490)
  • ELP 7960-001
    Spec Topics-Doc
    Location: SAEC 2147 (SAEC 2147)
  • ELP 7989-015
    Ed.D. Capstone Project

Summer 2022

Spring 2022

Courses I Teach

  • ELP 6330 - Instructional Leadership
    course in the master's program for educational administration (includes certification)
  • ELP 6480/7480 - Leadership, Diversity, and Social Justice
    For master's students in the principal preparation program (6480); for doctoral students in ELP (7480)
  • ELP 7030 - Introduction to Inquiry
    First-year doctoral course with introduction to paradigms, epistemologies, and their relationship to knowledge construction and research methodologies.
  • ELP 7060 - Intro. to Qualitative Research Methods
    For doctoral students; primarily in ELP, and also across departments and units
  • ELP 7062 - Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
    Deeper dive into the convergence of qualitative research traditions, frameworks, and study design.
  • ELP 7700 - Ed.D. Capstone Proposal Seminar
    Course for students to draft and workshop capstone proposals
  • ELP 7960 - Disability Studies in Education (Special Topics)
    doctoral seminar
  • ELP 7960 - Discourse Analysis in Educational Research
    Special topics course for doctoral students who have taken at least one introductory course on qualitative methods of research; includes critical discourse analysis
  • ELP 7960 - Professional Learning in K-12 School Reform
    Special topics course; doctoral seminar exploring professional learning as primary vehicle for reform; includes learning theories.