• Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Leap & Early College
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Undergraduate Studies

Research Summary

I am interested in positive human sexuality, particularly how a person experiences their sexuality in the context of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, and experience (or not) of sexual violence.


  • Ph.D, Sociology, University of Utah. Project: A New Approach to the Study of Sexual Violence: Development and Psychometric Properties of a Preliminary Multi-Item Research Instrument Assessing Rape-Resistant Attitudes


Colleen (CoCo) Marie James is an Assisstant Professor, Lecturer in the LEAP department at the University of Utah, a first-year experience designed to help freshmen students Learn, Engage, Achieve, and Progress throughout their university education. In this and all capacities, CoCo is an intellectual troublemaker and emotional trouble-mender. She holds a PhD in Sociology with an emphasis in gender and human sexuality, as well as graduate certificates in Gender Studies and Higher Education Teaching. Known as “Dr. CoCo” to her students, she teaches social sciences for LEAP, as well as various gender- and sexuality-related courses for the Gender Studies department. In addition to her faculty appointment, CoCo’s interests in gender and sexuality extend to community engagement and activism of all kinds, from formal leadership in 501c3 organizations to marches and protests. Her non-profit work centers around sexual violence prevention, LGBTQQIAPP+ rights, education, and suicide prevention. In all of these endeavors, CoCo believes that humble, courageous learning coupled with deliberate kindness will change the world.