Curriculum Vitae

TONY SAAD portrait
  • Senior Computational Scientist, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering


Research Summary

My primary research is focused on developing numerical methods and simulation tools for studying variable density, multiphase, turbulent reacting flows. I am also interested in advancing the state of the art in analytical methods for theoretical and applied fluid dynamics using perturbation theory.

Research Keywords

  • low-Mach reacting flows, Interest Level: 5
  • Solid Propellant Rocket Engines, Interest Level: 3
  • Population Balances, Interest Level: 5
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, Interest Level: 5

Research Groups

  • Mokbel Karam, Graduate Student. Chemical Engineering/PHD. 08/21/2017 - present.

Software Titles

  • IsoTurb. Isotropic Turbulence Generator. See: Release Date: 05/2016. Inventors: Tony Saad and James C. Sutherland.