KELBY L MCINTYRE-Martinez portrait
  • Theatre and Dance Education Partner at the Hartland Youth Center, UNP
  • Assistant Dean for Arts Education College of Fine Arts
  • Program Director of Professional Development Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program U of U, College of Fine Arts and College of Education Dean's Offices
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Theatre Department


Creative Research

  • • 2015-2016 Bennion Center Faculty Fellow: Emotion Perception Study in after school/non-traditional educational settings. Work: Designing integrated units for children and youth in an inclusive space. Investigation/Inquiry: Do inclusive integrated art activities support behavior and high levels of engagement in an after school setting? Work to be completed Fall 2017. Utilizing theatre and movement, the study will look at developing tools alongside youth to help them self identify behaviors and preferences as to what supports their emotional and academic success in settings with multiple means of stimuli. Performance, in progress 08/17/2015.