D. Walter Wray


  • Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology


Research Summary

Dr. Wray's research studies are focused on the regulation of muscle blood flow during acute exercise, and how this changes with advancing age and in age-related disease. Current projects include study of age-related changes in neurohumoral control of muscle blood flow at rest and during acute exercise, and studies focused on determining the causes and consequences of chronic sympathoexcitation in patient suffering from heart failure.

Research Keywords

  • Ultrasonography, Doppler, Interest Level: 3
  • Sympathetic Nervous System, Interest Level: 3
  • Regional Blood Flow, Interest Level: 3
  • Receptors, Adrenergic, alpha, Interest Level: 3
  • Peripheral sympathetic nerve recording, Interest Level: 3
  • Oxidative Stress and Disease, Interest Level: 3
  • Nitric Oxide, Interest Level: 3
  • Exercise and Aging, Interest Level: 3
  • Endothelium, Interest Level: 3
  • Endothelin-1, Interest Level: 3
  • Baroreflex, Interest Level: 3
  • Autonomic Nervous System, Interest Level: 3
  • Angiotensin II, Interest Level: 3

Research Groups

  • Utah Vascular Research Laboratory, Research Professor. Internal Medicine/VAMC. 06/2008 - present. http://www.uvrl.org.