Curriculum Vitae

  • Associate Professor, Linguistics


Research Statement

I am most interested in various aspects of how different components of the language system interact. These components are the following: the dictionary, which contains the words we use; syntax, which determines the structure of multiple words combined; and semantics, which deals with meaning, are components that closely interact and ultimately determine what we say and what we mean by uttering those words.

Some specific projects I am currently involved in investigate the contents of entries in the dictionaries, by considering what aspects of word meaning must be specified there and how certain words can appear only in a restricted set of positions. For example, some expressions such as 'for several hours' can appear in more positions that 'several hours' can (as in 'I slept several hours'), which may be unexpected, since their meanings are very close, if not identical.

Research Keywords

  • Syntax-Semantics Interface, Interest Level: 1