ELLA MYERS portrait
  • Associate Professor, Gender Studies
  • Associate Professor, Political Science Department
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies , Political Science Department
  • Faculty Honors Advisor , Political Science Department


  • Ella Myers (2017). 'Get Out' and the Horror of White Pleasure. [Website/Blog] URL http://www.publicseminar.org/2017/04/get-out-the-horror-of-white-pleasure/#.WWY4S4grI2w. Published, 04/2017.
  • Ella Myers (2017). Beyond the Wages of Whiteness: Du Bois on the Irrationality of Anti-Black Racism. [Website/Blog] URL http://items.sscr.org/ beyond-the-wages-of-whiteness-du-bois-on-the-irrationality-of-antiblack-racism/. Published, 03/2017.
    http://items.sscr.org/ beyond-the-wages-of-whi...


  • “Beyond the Wages of Whiteness: Du Bois on White Dominion,” 2017 American Political Science Association Meeting, San Francisco, CA. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 09/2017.
  • "Beyond the Psychological Wage: Du Bois on the Irrationality of Anti-Blackness," Political Theory Workshop, The University of Chicago . Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 05/2017.