• Director and Chair, Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise, Economics Department
  • Director and Chair, Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise (MIAGE)
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Economics Department
  • Instructor, Economics Department, Dixie State College

Research Summary

As a real-economy macroeconomist and reality-driven macroeconometrician, I focus on understanding the detailed, dynamic, and fundamental relationship between economic growth and energy consumption.


  • Bachelor of Science with High Honors, Economics/Economic Theory, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana


Having grown up in a U.S. Military family, I have lived in and assimilated the customs and languages of France, Japan, and many U.S. states.

I attended nine grade schools and three high schools before attending the Massachusetts Institute of Techonology in Aeronauatical Engineering, and earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economic Theory with High Honors from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

After military service, including service in Thailand, my business career has included stints with Fortune 500 firms, mid-size manufacturing firms, international management consulting, and four technology and medical start-ups.

I now have turned a lingering desire for service into reality by entering the University of Utah Economics Ph.D. program which,  after several years of immersion, I consider one of the most important in the world , and to the world, due to its breadth and depth in both scholarship and students.

This great opportunity has strengthened my  lifelong interest in macroeconomics and given me a newly developed passion for statistics expressed through econometrics, specifically the statistics of time series.

So now, if someone asks me what I am, I say I am a macroeconometrician interested in both the historical and empirical role of energy consumption in economic development and growth.

I have also discovered that I am passionate about truth in both Economics teaching and research, and I look forward to a productive, and long, career in both.