Sebastian W. Hoch

Curriculum Vitae

Sebastian W. Hoch portrait
  • Research Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences


Research Summary

The processes governing the exchange of energy, momentum and water vapor at the complex interphase between the Earth's surface and its atmosphere are subject of my research. Observational studies aimed at a better understanding of these processed are my key interest.

Research Statement

I am interested in meteorological processes in complex terrain. The variation of the different terms of Surface Energy Budget, the diurnal development of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, and thermally driven circulations are my key interests.

Research Keywords

  • Surface Energy Balance, Interest Level: 1
  • Mountain Meteorology, Interest Level: 1
  • Meteorological Instrumentation, Interest Level: 1
  • Atmospheric Radiation, Interest Level: 1
  • Atmospheric Boundary Layers, Interest Level: 1

Research Groups

  • M. Jeglum, Graduate Student. Atmospheric Sciences. 09/2011 - present.

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • Measurements of solar and atmospheric (longwave) radiation using pyranometers and pyrgeometers. Wind LiDAR measurements. Wind Dopper SoDAR measurements. Contact: Sebastian Hoch , 801 581 7094 , 485 INSCC.