Matt Haber

Curriculum Vitae

Matt Haber portrait
  • Chair Department of Philosophy
  • Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Associated Faculty, Latin American Studies
  • Associated Faculty, Center for Quantitative Biology


Research Statement

My area of specialty is Philosophy of Biology and Philosophy of Science. I am interested in the philosophical and conceptual issues in systematics, particularly those stemming from a commitment to phylogenetic thinking. My current projects include elucidating the nature of phylogenetic inference, tracking conceptual debates in biological classification and nomenclature, examining the use of models in phylogenetics, the ontology of biological objects, and accounting for how (and why) scientists shift from one set of theoretical and conceptual commitments to another. Other topics of interest are research ethics, including a project on the ethics of research involving crossing species boundaries (especially the human/non-human boundary).

Research Keywords

  • Systematic Biology, Interest Level: 5
  • Plant Taxonomy, Interest Level: 5
  • Phylogenetics, Interest Level: 5
  • Philosophy of Science, Interest Level: 5
  • Philosophy of Biology, Interest Level: 5
  • Philosophy, Interest Level: 5
  • Animal Taxonomy, Interest Level: 5

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