• Associate Professor, Gender Studies
  • Associate Professor, English
  • Assistant Professor, English

Research Keywords

  • Gender Studies/Feminist Theory
  • Film Theory
  • Disability Studies
  • American Cinema


  • Podcast interview for Freaks and Psychos: The Disability and Horror Podcast, Episode 2: Freaks . Other, Presented, 11/2020.
  • Panelist, for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Reframing the Conversation: Disability as Diversity. Other, Presented, 11/2020.
  • Panelist, Law School Dean’s Book Panel: Discussion of Crip Camp Documentary Film. Other, Presented, 10/2020.


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  • "Dis-Affection: Disability Effects and Disabled Moves at the Movies," in David Mitchell, Sharon Snyder, and Susan Antebi, eds., The Matter of Disability: Materiality, Biopolitics, Crip Affect (University of Michigan Press, 2019). Book Chapter. Published, 06/2019.
  • Angela M. Smith (2018). Walk This Way: Frankenstein’s Monster, Disability Simulation, and Zombie Ambulation. 412-438. DOI: 10.1353/lm.2018.0021. Literature and Medicine. Vol. 36, 412-438. Published, 12/2018.
  • Hideous Progeny: Disability, Eugenics, and Classic Horror Cinema. Published, 12/2011.
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