Amazing me!
  • Associate Professor, Physics And Astronomy

Research Summary

I joined the University of Utah in 2004 working in the field of gamma ray astronomy with the VERITAS experiment. Since then, I have pursued various research directions including gravitational wave detection and numerical studies of graphene. I am now working on stellar intensity interferometry using the VERITAS telescopes as light collectors. In parallele, I study the possibility to apply Resolution Scale Relativity in the foundation of quantum mechanics and to describe complex systems.


  • PhD (1996), LPNHE (now LLR) Ecole Polytechnique (à Palaiseau), Paris XI Orsay. Project: Very high energy gamma ray astrophysics
  • Postdoctoral Position (1997-98), ICRR, Tokyo University. Project: Gamma ray astrophysics with the CANGAROO observatory
  • Postdoctoral Position (1998-2004), Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University. Project: Gamma ray astronomy with the Whipple 10m telescope and the deployment of the VERITAS observatory.


I was born in France and grew up in the suburbs of Paris. I studied physics at the University of Paris XI Orsay. 

Other Profile Data

I enjoy living in Utah for all the opportunities it offers for hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.