• Associate Director, Global Change and Sustainability Center, Vp For Research
  • Associate Director Research for the Global Change & Sustainability Center
  • Professor, Civil And Environmental Engin

Current Courses

Summer 2021

  • CVEEN 7990-004
    Cont Reg-Ph D

Spring 2021

Professional Organizations

  • Water Environment Federation. 01/07/2002 - present. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, is one that seeks to inspire students by transparently and actively engaging them in their learning. In my teaching I follow the American Society of Civil Engineers ExCEEd Teaching Model. I strive to establish a positive atmosphere by integrating enthusiastic presentations, thought-provoking demonstrations, physical models, challenging example problems, outside experts, team activities and active learning exercises, and project-based learning opportunities into a logically organized sequence of topics stimulating critical thinking and addressing the course learning outcomes. A key foundation to my approach is the establishment of strong interpersonal rapport with students. Each lesson is structured to achieve a set of clearly defined learning objectives and frequent assessment is used to determine student learning and quantify performance. In the classroom I give students the freedom to learn by giving them freedom to ask questions, to share views, to judge ideas, to make mistakes, to learn from one another, to share experiences, and to be themselves.

Current Students

  • Danyal Aziz, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Project Type: Dissertation. Role: Chair.