• Adjunct Instructor, Ois Operations & Info Systems

Current Courses

Fall 2020

Summer 2020

Spring 2020

Courses I Teach

  • IS 2010 - Computing Essentials
    To help students become computer literate and computer competent. The course is designed to provide the student with the computer basics necessary for today’s business environment. This course covers the basics of the Windows OS, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentation software.
  • IS 4410 - Information Systems
    Overview of the role and use of information systems to support individual, group, and business decision-making. Includes coverage of technology’s role in supporting the decision-making process of business.
  • OIS 3440 - Application of Business Statistics
    Discussion topics include design of experiments, goodness of fit, contingency tables, correlation analysis, nonparametric statistics, and an introduction to statistical process control. Moreover, hands-on skill is acquired for the development and interpretation of regression models from functional areas of accounting, finance, marketing and operations with a focus on depth rather than breadth of the subject material. Microsoft Excel is used to create graphical and numerical outputs with emphasis on interpretation of output. A comprehensive case write-up and presentation, integrating the essentials of course tools is prescribed as the end-of -term project. Business cases are used throughout the term for reinforcement purposes.
  • OIS 3660 - Operations Management
    This course is a survey of operating practices and models in both manufacturing and service oriented firms. It is intended to provide managers in all functional areas with sufficient knowledge to make informed, total business decisions and to introduce standard terms and concepts for communications with operating personnel. Operational issues include designing, acquiring, operating, maintaining and improving the firm?s facilities and processes; purchasing raw materials; controlling and maintaining inventories; and providing the proper labor needed to produce a good or service so that customers’ expectations are met.