KATHY G. HAJEB portrait
  • Faculty Director - Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, School Of Business
  • Professor (Lecturer), Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Current Courses

Summer 2024

  • ENTP 2050-090
    Lassonde + X Portfolio

Spring 2024

Fall 2023

Courses I Teach

  • BCOR 2040 - Value, Impact, Business & Entrpreneurship
    This course focuses on how individuals innovate to create and capture value, with a focus on the power of individuals to pursue new ideas through forming and joining profit seeking and/or mission driven organizations. In particular, we will study how individuals decide to carry out specific work within organizations and/or decide to start up new organizations to create value. Economics, strategy, entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology and other social and behavioral sciences help us understand how and why some value creation efforts succeed and others fail. This course focuses not only on abstract concepts, but on your own unique ability to create value through the academic and experiential path you choose. You will determine an area of interest (domain) and apply the course concepts each week as you explore potentially high-value ways to integrate your studies, your work, and your passions.
  • BUS 3050, UGS 3050, HUM 3050 & HON 3050 - Innovation Roadmap
    This course explores big problems and big questions facing the world today. You will create a personal learning roadmap specific to your individual area of interest. You will engage in self-discovery while sharing with peers. The process of innovation and problem solving will be explored with a variety of interdisciplinary experts. Roadmaps will be designed to enhance academic majors and student interests. This course is the introduction to the INNOVATION SCHOLARS PROGRAM. Students who successfully complete their individual roadmap will be recognized at graduation as an Innovation Scholar.
  • BUS 3995 - Business Scholar - Innovation Track
    The Business Scholar program at the University of Utah gives high-achieving freshmen and transfer students an honors-level introduction to the various business disciplines. With an emphasis on experiential learning, the Innovation component of the Business Scholar program will provide a structure for students to understand their personal passions, learning styles and interests in pursuing an innovative approach to solving big programs and questions in the world. Students work in teams to create an innovative idea in a consumer application, product, or process. Students compete at an innovation showcase held in the spring.
  • ENTP 5850 & ENTP 6850 - Profiles in Entrepreneurship
    This course is designed to familiarize students with contemporary trends and challenges faced by emerging or established entrepreneurs. What are the mindset skills and characteristics of an entrepreneur? Can these skills be developed and practiced? Students will research and present examples and case studies to explore these skills. Students will facilitate classroom discussion and share tactics and recommendations on ways to master and entrepreneurial mindset. This will be accomplished by reading and discussing current business leadership topics and by introducing students to business executives and entrepreneurs as weekly guest speakers. Speakers will share personal insights and recommendations for establishing entrepreneurial mindset skills.
  • UGS 3051 & HON 3051 - Innovation Scholar Portfolio
    This course will enable the student to reflect on their INNOVATION SCHOLAR EXPERIENCE. You will create a personal web-based portfolio that will document the “big question/problem” you explored during your Innovation Scholar roadmap course and the courses and experiences you charted for your Innovation Scholar experience. The purpose of the portfolio is to tell your unique story of innovation. What did you learn, how did you explore, engage, experience…all related to your identified big problem/question. This course is the conclusion to the INNOVATION SCHOLARS PROGRAM. Students who successfully complete their individual roadmap and finalize their portfolio with their mentor’s approval will be recognized at graduation as an Innovation Scholar.

Small Group Teaching

  • Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute - startup team, prospective team mentoring .  09/01/2015  -  present