• Assistant Professor (Clinical), College Of Nursing
(801) 581-3414

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • NURS 7053-001
    Adv Patho DNP I
    Location: CNB 2400 (CNB 2400)
  • NURS 7702-001
    DNP Scholarly Proj II

Summer 2024

Spring 2024

Professional Organizations

  • National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. 09/2022 - present. Position : Member.
  • Society of Refugee Health Care Providers. 08/2015 - present. Position : Member.
  • Utah Nurse Practitioners. 03/2014 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners. 10/2013 - present. Position : Utah State Liaison.

Practice History

  • St. Mark's Family Medicine. Others. 08/2015 - present .
  • Shock Trauma ICU. Others. 01/2008 - 07/2015 .
  • Hospice. Others. 06/2004 - 06/2008 .

Teaching Philosophy

I take a compassionate approach to teaching with an emphasis on lifelong learning, inclusivity, social justice, evidence-based practice, patient-centered care, interprofessional collaboration, professionalism, and the integration of technology. I aim to create a nurturing learning environment where learners feel safe to share ideas. I am deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and respecting diverse perspectives. I recognize these as essential components that enrich our learning community, empowering every student to contribute their unique strengths. 

I am a strong advocate for lifelong learning and continuous professional development. I encourage my students to embrace curiosity, adaptability, and self-improvement throughout their nursing careers. Reflective practice is integral to this journey. I expect my students to reflect on their learning, clinical experiences, and personal growth to foster a mindset of ongoing self-assessment and improvement.

In addition to cultivating clinical skills, I integrate evidence-based practice principles into my teaching to ensure students are proficient at translating research evidence to clinical decision-making. Patient-centered care is also a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. I emphasize the importance of prioritizing the individual needs, preferences, and values of patients in clinical practice.

Interprofessional collaboration is fundamental in healthcare. I prioritize teamwork and communication among healthcare professionals in my teaching. By encouraging collaboration with individuals from various disciplines, we can equip our students to deliver comprehensive care that addresses the holistic needs of patients.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to instilling professionalism and ethical conduct in my students. I facilitate discussions on ethical dilemmas, professional boundaries, and codes of conduct to ensure students uphold high standards of ethical practice.

Incorporating principles of social justice into the curriculum is also a priority for me. Addressing healthcare disparities and advocating for equity within the healthcare system are essential aspects of nursing education. By empowering students to become advocates for marginalized populations and agents of positive social change, we contribute to a more just and equitable healthcare landscape.

I incorporate technology into teaching methods to enhance learning outcomes and prepare students for the digital era of healthcare. By utilizing online modules, interactive learning resources, and virtual simulation, we can provide hands-on learning experiences that mirror real-world scenarios, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In essence, my teaching philosophy is rooted in compassion and a dedication to excellence in nursing education. By promoting lifelong learning, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment, advocating for social justice, fostering interprofessional collaboration, emphasizing evidence-based practice and patient-centered care, and integrating technology, I aim to empower the next generation of nurse practitioners to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their patients and communities.