• Instructor (Lecturer), Writing and Rhetoric Studies

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Fall 2020

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  • National Council of Teachers of English. 01/01/2016 - present. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching was shaped long before I first entered the classroom as an instructor.  More than anything else, it was formed by encounters with my own teachers and professors, some of whom distinguished themselves as extraordinary. The best teachers, and students instinctively know this, are generous.  Great teachers act as thoughtful advisers, constructive critics, and experienced guides, and they consistently demonstrate a commitment to student success in the daily interactions that take place in the classroom. In this way, teaching is an act of service.


Courses I Teach

  • 3018 - Writing Popular Culture: The Mad World of Mad Men
    Mad Men's nuanced depiction of life in the 1960s provides writers with opportunities to read, think, and reflect on a variety of issues, particularly the social and cultural forces that have molded and continue to shape contemporary society. Students in this class engage with both written and visual texts that address multiple themes, including advertising/consumerism, race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality, identity, and nostalgia. The course also explores strategies for investigating the popular, which includes theoretical approaches to popular culture.

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