• Coordinator, Health Education Specialist and Wellness Coaching Program, Health-Kinesiology
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology

Current Courses

Fall 2021

  • H EDU 335-091
    Eating Dis & Body Image
  • H EDU 3350-091
    Eating Dis & Body Image
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • H EDU 4220-001
    Health Program Plan II
    Location: ST 209 (ST 209)
  • H EDU 4300-090
    Intr Research/Assessmnt
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • H EDU 6050-001
    Program Planning
    Location: ST 103B (ST 103B)
  • H EDU 6990-005
    Master's Practicum

Summer 2021

Spring 2021

Professional Organizations

  • Society for Public Health Education. 03/2017 - present. Position : Member.
  • Utah Society for Public Health Education. 03/2017 - present. Position : Member.
  • Health Education Association of Utah. 08/2007 - 10/2015. Position : Member.
  • American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. 01/2007 - 02/2014. Position : Member.
  • Society for Prevention Research. 04/2005 - 12/2006. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

I see myself as The Home Depot of teaching. I’ve got the tools and materials students need. Students can simply rent them and use them for the short term, or they can buy them and keep them as their own. Their education is their project – they design it, they build it, they see it through. I’m here for expert advice, but I won’t do the work for them (and I strongly suggest they don’t try to “contract it out” either!).