• B.S., Geology, Brigham Young University
  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering/Geotechnical, Brigham Young University. Project: Empirical Analysis of Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spread


Dr. Bartlett has a bachelor of science in geology (1983) and a doctorate in civil engineering (1992) with an emphasis in geotechnical engineering from Brigham Young University.  He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Utah and has 25 years of design and construction experience working with Westinghouse, Woodward-Clyde Consultants, Utah Department of Transportation Research Division and the University of Utah.  Currently, he is an associate professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah.

His specialty areas are in geotechnical earthquake engineering, light-weight embankment construction (EPS Geofoam), foundation stabilization, geotechnical instrumentation, strong ground motion monitoring and assessment and mapping of liquefaction-induced ground failure.  He has worked on projects that include: nuclear facilities, highways, dams, tailings impoundments, pipelines, hazardous and radioactive waste disposal and building and bridge foundations.