• Director, Environmental Dispute Resolution Program, Wallace Stegner Center , College Of Law
  • Adjunct Professor, College Of Law
  • Adjunct Professor, College Of Law - Dean

Courses I Teach

  • LAW 7250-1 - Environmental Conflict Resolution
    This course examines the application of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes to resolve a wide range of environmental, natural resource and public policy conflicts, such as facility siting, access, wilderness designation, and pollution. The course uses case studies, conceptual and policy readings, and simulations that apply ADR processes to typical conflict situations. ADR processes to be studied include site-specific mediation, facilitated policy dialogue, public contract partnering, negotiated rulemaking, collaborative decision making, and community dispute resolution facilitation.
  • LAW 7838-1 - Conflict Management
    This course surveys approaches to handling conflict – from the dispute resolution processes used most frequently in the American judicial system (negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation) to a variety of conflict prevention and management strategies used in both civil and criminal contexts (e.g., collaborative problem-solving, collaborative law, preventive law, legal conflict audits, community-based decision-making, and restorative justice). Students study the wide array of conflict management approaches available to practicing attorneys. Through readings, exercises and a final paper (an actual conflict audit), students develop the ability to analyze conflict situations in light of preferred decision-making authority and endpoints, and are able to identify and evaluate the success of possible dispute management strategies.