LYNN A BOHS portrait
  • Steering Committee, International Solanaceae Genome Initiative
  • Adjunct Curator, Utah Museum of Natural History
  • Professor, School Of Biological Sciences

Current Courses

Spring 2022

  • BIOL 1620-011
    Fund. of Biology II

Summer 2021

Courses I Teach

  • Biology 2010 - Evolution and Diversity of Life
    Organisms are the result of their evolutionary history. This course teaches that history and how it is investigated. We trace the evolution of reproductive, metabolic, and morphological diversity from the origin of life through the major lineages of extant organisms. The environmental and biological processes behind major milestones in evolution are discussed along with their basis in evidence and methodology. The diversity of major groups is explored in their evolutionary context. Three sessions and a discussion per week. Required core course for the Biology major.
  • Biology 2355 - Field Botany
    The objective is to learn about plant biology by studying the local flora. You will develop skills in using technical botanical floras and the herbarium for identifying plants. Lectures provide the biological context of the habitats visited and plants observed. Local field trips twice per week. Offered first half of summer semester.
  • Biology 5435 - Plant Systematics
    Upper level course focusing on vascular plant taxonomy, phylogeny, and morphology with an emphasis on identification of the local flora. Local weekly field trips and a weekend trip to southern Utah. Offered in fall semester alternate years (2016, 2018, etc.)