SUSAN J. SAMPLE portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Internal Medicine
  • Program Associate, Medical Ethics

Current Courses

Spring 2021

  • INTMD 7992-001
    Dr/Pt Relation- Writing

Courses I Teach

  • Internal Medicine 7792 - Writing the Doctor-Patient Relationship
    Reflective writing using an ethics approach fourth-year medical students
  • WRTG 4905 - Discourses of Health and Medicine
  • WRTG 2010 - Intermediate Writing
  • WRTG 1010 - Introduction to College Writing
  • Mechanical Engineering 1000-1010 - Introduction to Robotic Systems Design I and II
    Professional writing component through CLEAR (Communication, Leadership, Education, and Research Program)
  • Mechanical Engineering 2500-2510 - Introduction to Energy Systems and Thermodynamics
    Professional writing component of sophomore mechanical engineering course,CLEAR

Pedagogical Publications

  • "Prioritizing Teamwork: Promoting Process and Product Effectiveness in the Freshman Engineering Design Course," American Society for Engineering Education Conference Proceedings. Paper published, 06/2010.