Current Courses

Spring 2023

  • ART 2203-001
    Location: ART 252 (ART 252)
  • ART 2203-003
    Location: ART 252 (ART 252)

Fall 2022

Professional Organizations

  • Saltgrass Printmakers. 12/2008 - 01/2016. Position : Co-Founder.
  • Artists of Utah . 01/2008 - 01/2017. Position : Board Member.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is about creating flexible strategies that incorporate active teaching methods. I see curriculum everywhere. I am always searching for opportunties to extend what is happening in the classroom with something tangible beyond the classroom. At the beginning of every term, I work to establish an environment where risk is encouraged and to foster a ‘beginner’s mind' in each of my students.

Every semester brings new opportunities. Every class is an experiment. Every student bring her/his own unique perceptives, experiences and energy. If I’ve done my job well, then it is best to get out of their way and let the students follow their passions and creative visions.