• Associate Professor, Biology


  • University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois Natural History Survey, Research Seminar. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 10/15/2016.
  • North American Ornithological Conference. Washington, D.C. Contributed Talk, Presented, 08/01/2016.
  • Society for the study of Evolution. Austin, TX . Contributed Talk, Presented, 07/01/2016.
  • Dimensions of Biodiversity PI-meeting, Washington, D.C. Contributed Talk, Presented, 06/01/2016.
  • College of Science Day - November 2015, University of Utah. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 11/2015.
  • Hungarian Natural History Museum- Research Seminar - June 2015, Budapest, Hungary. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 06/2015.
  • Utah State University, Ecology Center - Public seminar, April 2015. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2015.
  • Utah State University, Ecology Center - Research seminar for center associated departments, April 2015. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2015.
  • Washington State University, Department of Entomology, March 2015. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 03/2015.
  • University of North Dakota, Department of Biology, January 2015. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 01/2015.


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