• Director of Undergraduate Studies, Communication
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Communication

Research Summary

Natasha Seegert's research explores the intersections and relationships between the human animal, and the more-than-human animals as represented in new media. Her research focuses specifically on how animals breach the boundaries surrounding anthroponormativity.


  • PhD, Department of Communication, University of Utah. Project: Queer Beasts: Punctures in Domesticity
  • MS, Environmental Education, Department of Teaching & Learning, University of Utah. Project: Fostering the Experience of the Ecological Self in Elementary School Children
  • BS, Environmental Studies (emphasis in Environmental History) , University of Utah. Project: The Jordan: From Sacred River to Sewage Canal


Dr. Seegert’s research and teaching focus on visual rhetoric with an emphasis on environmental communication and popular representations of the environment in new media. Specifically, her research explores the intersections and relationships between human animals and the multitude of more-than-human animals who puncture our everyday worlds through appearances on the digital screen.