Lisa Shaw
  • Academic Advisor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies


  • BA, Gender Studies, University of Utah
  • MPA, Public Administraton, University of Utah


Lisa has been advising for the new major in the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies since it was approved in July 2013.  Lisa is committed to giving the best advising experience and helping each student navigate the University system.

Advising Philosphy

My mission as an Academic Advisor is to address the needs of the whole student, meet students where they are, connect, and see them through. I do this by creating a welcoming space, asking questions and helping students address their own needs.

I am ever cognizant that each student entering my office is a human being and that each are infinite. More “non-traditional students” come through my doors that their more traditional counterparts and they face challenges in their classrooms but have potential to greatly enrich the academic environment.  Their lives matter, their education matters, their involvement in the world and the impact that they can make through their education, opportunities and striving matter. With that in mind our department is committed to finding those opportunities and connecting students to resources. 

In my office you might make important decisions about your life, your career or your education.  I am here to make that path smoother, coach you through those hard decisions, help you navigate the complexities of student life, and to reach your goals of graduating from college and beyond.

I look forward every day to the problem solving opportunities that may come my way. My practice is focused on students and their success here.