Research Keywords

  • long term care, nursing homes.
  • aging
  • Communication at the End of Life


  • Wan, Dassel, Edelman, Towsley et al. Interactions Between Life-Space and Quality of Life in Spousal Dyads Coping with Chronic Conditions. Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America. Poster, Presented, 11/2016.
  • Poster Presenter: Me & My Wishes: Prototyping Long Term Care Resident Videos to Communicate Care Preferences (with L Ellington, S Beck, & B Wong). Gerontological Society of America 67th Annual Scientific Meeting. Poster, Presented, 11/2014.
  • Poster Presenter: Integrating new nursing home quality provisions (with KS Sward, J Kehinde, C Madden, & J Guo). Academy Health Annual Research Meeting. Poster, Presented, 06/2014.
  • Qualitative Methods: Everything you wanted to know but were unsure whom to ask (Symposium with S. Kagan, S. Lysaght, Kamela Anderson). Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association. Panel, Presented, 01/2013.
  • Examining the Use of the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia as a Proxy Measure of Depression (G. Towsley, L. Snow, M. Ersek) Gerontological Society of America 64th Annual Scientific Meeting . Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 11/2011.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Me & My Wishes: Prototyping Long Term Care Resident Videos to Communicate Care Preferences, University of Utah College of Nursing. PI: Towsley GL. Co-PI(s): Ellington, L., Beck, SL., Wong, B. University of Utah College of Nursing, 05/2013 - 05/2015. Total project budget to date: $4,652.00
  • Older Adults and Their Perspective on Chronic Conditions. PI: Gail Towsley. Co-PI(s): Salimah Meghani, University of Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health, 07/01/2011 - 06/30/2013. Total project budget to date: $10,000.00

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • Conversations About End Of Life. PI: Gail Towsley. 10/2009 - 12/31/2012.


  • English, fluent.


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