Marnie Powers-Torrey portrait
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Art/Art History Department
  • Managing Director, Book Arts Program & Red Butte Press
  • Associate Librarian, Marriott Library


  • Preservation Through Education: Strategies for Incorporating Historic Collections into Curriculum. College Book Arts Association Conference. Roundtable presentation/discussion. Panel, Presented, 01/05/2018.
  • American Printing History Association, 4 up on the Handpress. Conference Paper, Presented, 10/23/2015.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • K-12 Community Outreach. PI: Marnie Powers-Torrey. Castle Foundation, 02/01/2019 - 01/31/2020. Total project budget to date: $20,000.00
  • K-12 Community Outreach. PI: Marnie Powers-Torrey. R. Harold Burton Foundation, 10/12/2018 - 10/11/2019. Total project budget to date: $10,000.00
  • K-12 Rural Outreach. PI: Marnie Powers-Torrey. Rocky Mountain Power Foundation, 03/01/2018 - 03/01/2019. Total project budget to date: $4,000.00
  • K-12 Community Outreach . PI: Marnie Powers-Torrey. Dee Foundation, 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018. Total project budget to date: $5,000.00

Creative Research

  • Summit to Sanpete, there : then : here : now; Solo exhibition at Granary Art's CCA Christensen Cabin. On display: Untitled Community Quilt; Archive of Now I; Archive of Now II, in progress Exhibition, completed 03/09/2019.
  • Train Tracts 2019 & People. Place. Impact. Exhibition at the Rio Grande Gallery, SLC, UT Train Tracts is a series of twelve traveling chapbooks—tracts—which were unleashed in Amtrak stations in February 2019. Each tract is a collaboration between a writer and a printmaker—stories of movement and connection bound into sensual printed volumes. The tracts were carried about the nation by their train-riding readers, who were asked to contribute. Once the tracts completed their trips, they were mailed back to a central location to join their fellow scribbled-on, road-weary traveling tracts. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/31/2019.
  • Vasculum. Two-person exhibition with Mare Blocker. Editions Studio & Gallery, Seattle, WA. November 2018-January 2019. Two pieces exhibited: Archive of Now. Found objects housed in handmade boxes; the series shown on the wall as an installation. Piecing Things Together; visual journal in progress. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/31/2019.
  • Design, printing, and binding of Roadside Attractions volume 2-4; artist's books Media Arts, completed 11/15/2018.
  • Pulchra Scientia at Perlman Teaching Museum, Carleton College. Roadside Attractions volume 1 juried into exhibition Exhibition, refereed, completed 11/01/2018.
  • DE | MARCATION: A Survey Of Contemporary Photography in Utah; DE | MARCATION is a limited edition portfolio curated by Amy Jorgensen and Edward Bateman, and was originally conceived by Jorgensen to support the unique vision of artists in the state of Utah and to build on the rich discourse of imagemaking in the region. DE | MARCATION surveys the contemporary photographic landscape of creative practice by artists in the state of Utah as they navigate new territory in the global dialogue of imagemaking. With the visual cue of a golden, vertical line inset into a vast swath of red fabric, the portfolio design suggests an interruption of space, and the images themselves echo this intention: they delineate new boundaries and challenge the photographic traditions of the West as a hallowed land—the landscape as a rugged vista to be conquered and tamed under the banner of Manifest Destiny and the settling of Zion. The images in this portfolio reflect the dynamics of shifting cultural narratives and our relationship to place in a richly interconnected world. Media Arts, refereed, completed 10/01/2018.
  • UMFA. Site Lines Faculty Exhibition. MAMAself exhibited. Exhibition, refereed, completed 09/27/2018.
  • The Printed Book III at Denver University. Casual Commentary juried into exhibition. Exhibition, refereed, completed 02/01/2018.
  • Bibliothecarii et Glutinatores at the Denver Public Library. Casual Commentary juried into exhibition. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/01/2018.
  • Stranger & Stranger; Red Butte Press fine press publication in collaboration with book arts colleagues, Prof. Katherine Coles and Prof. Maureen O'Hara Ure Literary Arts, completed 12/20/2017.
  • Master Printer, Artist, & Production Manager for Red Butte Press limited edition Invisible Shores, collaborative publication with poet Danielle Dubrasky Literary Arts, completed 02/17/2017.
  • Oracle Bones by Terry Tempest Williams and Gaylord Shanilec, Red Butte Press fine press publication; Production Manager & Master Printer; in collaboration with RBP faculty and staff Literary Arts, in progress 01/01/2017.
  • Lead Curator, Womens' Studio Workshop Exhibition, Marriott Library, Level 1 gallery Curatorial/Production, completed 09/04/2015.
  • Annual Lead Curator, Booking A Brouhaha, Special Collections Gallery Exhibition, completed 05/01/2009.