Elisabeth Parker portrait
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, College Of Law - Dean

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • LAW 7012-001
    Air Pollution Law
    Location: LAW 4200 (LAW 4200)
  • LAW 7945-001
    Location: LAW 5614 (LAW 5614)
  • LAW 7945-004

Spring 2024

Courses I Teach

  • Law 7012 - Air Pollution Law & Policy
    Air pollution prevention and regulation is an integral part of Environmental Law and essential to the health, safety and well-being of society. This course will survey the legal, policy and regulatory approaches to air pollution control in the United States. Specifically, this course will offer an in-depth examination of air pollution law and policy under the Clean Air Act and the state laws used to implement the Act. Topics include the history of air pollution control and regulation, standard setting under EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards, state implementation plans, major sources of air pollution, regulation of hazardous air pollutants, permitting programs under the Act, efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stratospheric ozone protection. The course will also examine the role of environmental justice in air pollution regulation, including efforts to address air quality hot spots at the community level. Finally, the course will offer an examination of administrative and judicial enforcement of the Clean Air Act, current developments in the regulatory landscape, and climate change impacts to air quality.
  • Law 7096 - Pace Environmental Moot Court
    This course offers practical experience in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of environmental law. The course is designed to refine and challenge appellate advocacy skills through a hands-on approach, utilizing real-world issues and cases in environmental litigation. Students will get a unique opportunity to engage deeply with complex environmental law problems, developing enhanced understanding and practical skills. Students will participate in the Pace National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (NELMCC) in New York, where they will demonstrate their legal knowledge, analytical skills, and effectiveness in appellate arguments. Beyond competition, the course is an immersive and practical experience. Students will work collaboratively with peers, receive guidance from seasoned environmental lawyers, and participate in simulated court scenarios. Ideal for law students aiming to become environmental lawyers or enhance their litigation skills, this course combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, preparing students for a successful career in environmental law advocacy.
  • Law 7945 - Environmental Policy Accelerator
    Great Salt Lake a keystone ecosystem of hemispheric importance to human civilization and biosphere integrity. Over the past decade, the lake has faced unprecedented pressure and has shrunk considerably, stressing the lake's ecosystem and exposing a lakebed that has fueled toxic dust storms impacting Utahns far from the lake's shores. Like many environmental problems, saving Great Salt Lake requires carefully crafted policy. This course will engage with real-world policy makers and the public in order contribute to charting a positive way forward on the overarching goal of getting more water to the lake. With the skills and opportunities provided in the class students will (1) learn to work with policy clients, e.g., creating scopes of work, managing expectations, timely communications, and providing quality work-product; (2) better understand strategies to provide accessible, timely policy advice for policymakers; (3) better translate policy analyses to a broader public audience;(4) better understand and meet a client’s strategic objectives; and (5) write and edit work to increase clarity and impact of legal writing.