Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

Cathleen Zick
  • Professor, Family And Consumer Studies
  • Adjunct Professor, Economics Department
  • Adjunct Professor, Family And Preventive Medicine
  • Associate Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Science


Current Courses

Fall 2017

  • FCS 6950-009 Individual Research
  • FCS 6960-017 Master's Project
  • FCS 6970-007 Thesis Research-Masters
  • FCS 6980-014 Faculty Consultation
  • PUBPL 6960-002 Independent Study

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Teaching Philosophy

My courses are designed to spark interest and challenge students.  My goal is to help students hone their analytical thinking skills and apply them in real world settings.  I encourage students to apply economic principles to a wide range of consumer and family questions with the goal of gaining new insights about consumer, family, and government behavior.  I believe it is important to draw applications from current controversial issues (e.g., should Americans be required to have health insurance?  In what situations should the government be able to oversee a child's health care rather than her/his parents?).  By using current examples, I hope to make the concepts we discuss in class more real and relevant. 

Courses I Teach

  • FCS 5430 - Families, Consumers, and Health.
    Covers two broad areas: the interplay among health care delivery, government policy, and consumers, and the role families play in affecting the health of family members. Content emphasis will vary according to the instructor.
  • PUBPL/PADMN/FCS 6563 - Porgram and Policy Evaluation.
    Systematic introduction to program and policy evaluation as a basis for accountability. Introduces alternative approaches to evaluation. Emphasis is placed on strategies for impact assessment (including randomized designs and non-randomized designs), measuring efficiency, examining short-term and long-term consequences, identifying both intended and unintended impacts, and the social, political, and ethical context of evaluation.

Teaching Projects

  • FCS 5430 Online Course Development. Project Lead: Cathleen D. Zick. TACC Grant 07/01/2009 - 06/30/2010. Total Budget: $5,000.00.