In Escalante
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College Of Science
  • Adjunct Instructor, Internal Medicine
  • Professor (Lecturer), Physics And Astronomy

Current Courses

Fall 2018

  • H EDU 2095-001
    Intro to Wilderness Med
    Location: HPR N 238 (Hper North)
  • INTMD 7980-001
    Wilderness Med
  • PHYS 1110-001
    Physics of Human Body
    Location: JFB 103 (James C Fletcher Bldg)
  • PHYS 3111-001
    Phys of Body II
    Location: JFB 101 (James C Fletcher Bldg)

Summer 2018

Spring 2018

Courses I Teach

  • DFPM SM - Social Medicine
    Social aspects of medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine
  • IntMED 7980 - Wilderness Medicine
    Wilderness Medicine course at the University of Utah School of Medicine