DAN WALDIS portrait
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, School Of Music

Current Courses

Fall 2020

  • MUSC 1913-010
    Lsns I Non Maj Keybd
  • MUSC 1943-010
    Lsns I Maj 1 Keybd
  • MUSC 1993-010
    Lsns I Maj 3 Keybd
  • MUSC 2181-001
    Jazz Keyboard Skills I
  • MUSC 2913-010
    Lsns II Non Maj Keybd
  • MUSC 2943-010
    Lsns II Maj 1 Keybd
  • MUSC 2993-010
    Lsns II Maj 3 Keybd
  • MUSC 3913-010
    Lsns III Non Maj Keybd
  • MUSC 3943-010
    Lsns III Maj 1 Keybd
  • MUSC 3993-010
    Lsns III Maj 3 Keybd
  • MUSC 4913-010
    Lsns IV Non Maj Keybd
  • MUSC 4943-010
    Lsns IV Maj 1 Keybd
  • MUSC 4993-010
    Lsns IV Maj 3 Keybd
  • MUSC 6180-048
    Adv Lessons Major 1
  • MUSC 6181-048
    Secondary Lessons Maj I
  • MUSC 6190-048
    Adv Lessons Major 3
  • MUSC 6191-048
    Secondary Lesson Maj
  • MUSC 7190-048
    Doctoral Private Lesson
  • MUSC 7191-048
    Doc Secondary Lessons

Spring 2020

Teaching Philosophy

Here are the objectives I attempt to accomplish with each student:

1 - Be aware of the student's interests.  While maintaining the structure of the required material, be aware of the student's interests and attempt to include something in each lesson for which they have a passion, whether it be a style, a particular tune, or study of a particular artist.

2 - Along with the student's interests, be aware of each student's ways of processing material.  Some students respond more to visual, some to aural.  Some need to be shown, some like to figure something out for themselves.  Each student responds differently. 

3 - As an instructor, always be open to questions.  If a student's queries seem to be outside my present scope of knowledge, it immediately becomes an area of research for me.

Courses I Teach

  • 1943-009 - Lessons Major 1
    Private applied jazz piano lessons.
  • 1993-009 - Lessons Major 3
    Private applied jazz piano lessons.
  • 2181-001 - Jazz Keyboard Skills
    Jazz keyboard harmony for all jazz majors. Learn blues, rhythm changes, minor blues with several types of chord voicing, using simple to complex harmonies.

Small Group Teaching

  • Invited to meet with and critiqued University of Utah combo class (Denson Angulo, instructor).  02/17/2016  -  02/17/2016
  • Taught group jazz theory class Wasatch Music Coaching Academy.  05/26/2015  -  06/09/2015