Research Statement

The major thrust of my research is applying sound hydrodynamic principles and models to fundamental problems of geochemistry and sedimentation in surface water environments. This is accomplished by acquiring relevant data on surface water settings and incorporating them into models of varying sophistocation. I presently working on three surface environments: Pleistocene Lake Bonneville in the western United States; alluvial channels in the intermountain west; and pit mine lakes.

Research Keywords

  • Lidar
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Geomorphology
  • Fluid Dynamics


  • Applied Geology and LiDAR: State of the Art and What Might Be Next. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 10/10/2013.
  • LiDAR in the Earth Sciences: Where Are We Now? Where Can We Go. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 09/12/2013.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Northern America


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