Research Statement

Current Research Project: 

Creative Research

  • Selected by the Salt Lake Art Design Board for inclusion in the 2020-2022 Pre-Qualified Public Art Pool. The Salt Lake Art Design Board selected 42 artists/artist-led teams representing various media and artistic approaches for inclusion in the Pool. Commission, refereed, in progress 12/31/2021.
  • DESIGN ARTS UTAH juried Exhibition, Rio Gallery, Utah Division of Arts & Museums Design Arts Program, Design Arts Utah Award Recipients Exhibition, Salt Lake City, UT Juror: Gail Anderson, creative director of Visual Arts Press at the School of Visual Arts New York Exhibition, refereed, completed 09/09/2019.
  • Invited to participate as a guest artist, in the PAPER & THREAD exhibition at Modern West Gallery in Salt Lake City. This show brings together a group of artists who work primarily with paper or fiber. The artists participating in Paper & Thread, fully embrace the materials, using them both traditionally and in more contemporary ways to highlight their unique qualities, bringing them clearly into the realm of fine art. 
 Exhibition, refereed, completed 06/21/2019.
  • Participating guest artist in a curated group exhibition titled “New West.” celebrating the opening of the new Modern West Gallery space in Salt Lake City Utah. In addition to represented artists this exhibit showcases a selection of guest artists and directed to highlight a broad range of mediums and themes. Exhibition, refereed, completed 04/19/2019.
  • Project Vortex, International Online Collective of Artists intercepting the plastic waste stream Exhibition, refereed, completed 12/31/2018.
  • Parsing Sign & Image, The Vet’s Memorial Auditorium Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island, 9/27-12/1/18 hosted by Art League Rhode Island Exhibition, refereed, completed 12/01/2018.
  • INTERNATIONAL FIBER ARTS VIII EXHIBITION July 28 – September 3, 2017 Sebastopol Center for the Arts Surface Design Association (SDA) is joining SCA in presenting the 8th Biennial exhibit. International Fiber Arts VIll is a juried exhibition presenting a distinct approach to innovative and traditional fiber techniques, and a contemporary concept for the use of traditional and unusual materials. Exhibition, refereed, completed 09/03/2017.
  • Surface Design Association's 2017 Members Juried Exhibition, Shifting Landscapes. 
Shifting Landscapes: 3rd International SDA Member Juried Exhibition February 24, 2017 - June 10, 2017 Form & Concept Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico. SDA received 218 entries from 40 states and 25 countries for Shifting Landscapes, with 39 artists selected for inclusion. Selected work: Wisdom Chair and Stooble Exhibition, refereed, completed 02/24/2017.
  • DESIGN ARTS UTAH juried Exhibition, Rio gallery, utah Division of Arts & Museums, 10/16, Design Arts Utah Award Recipients Exhibition, Salt Lake City, UT Juror: James Childress, Chair of AIA Committee on Design. Exhibition, refereed, completed 10/21/2016.
  • Artifacts For the 23rd Century Solo Exhbition, The Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts (UMOCA) Projects Gallery, September 22, 2017 – January 14, 2018 Exhibition, refereed, completed 09/22/2016.
  • The Sketchbook Project, "Patterned Landscapes" Sketchbook, 2016, Brooklyn Art LIbrary, Brooklyn NY. Sketchbook Project Mobile LIbrary tour: 7/15-17: Millennium Park, Chicago IL; 7/19: Cedar Rapids Museum, Cedar Rapids IA; 7/23: Firefly Handmade, Boulder, CO; 7/29-31: LACMA, LA; 8/20: Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, Fort Smith AR; 8/21: Memphis Brooks Museum, Memphis TN; 9/10-11: Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY. Exhibition, in progress 09/11/2016.
  • The biennial exhibition at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, held in collaboration with Surface Design Association, invited national and international artists to submit innovative and traditional fiber art, contemporary concepts using either traditional or unusual materials. July 28 – September 3, 2017 Jurors: Eszter Bornemisza, Wendy Lugg and Jason Pollen Exhibition, refereed, completed 09/03/2016.
  • FANTASTIC FIBERS, International Juried Exhibition, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, Kentucky. Juror: Danielle Kelly, Executive Director, Surface Design Association. 4/9–6/4/16. Exhibition, refereed, completed 04/09/2016.
  • 31st Positive/Negative National Juried Art Exhibition, Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN. Juror: Al Miner, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts Boston. 2/8–3/4/16. Exhibition, refereed, in progress 02/08/2016.
  • UTAH ARTS & MUSEUMS STATEWIDE ANNUAL EXHBITION, Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT. Statewide juried group exhbition. Jurors: Kate Bonansinga, Joshua Chuang. 11/20/15–1/8/16. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/08/2016.
  • What is This? A poster. A book. © 2009 Publication. 2015 stockists: Printed Matter, NYC,; Atomic Books, Baltimore,; Quimby’s, Chicago,; Bluestockings, NYC, CLASSROOM ADOPTION: Bucknell University Adaptation, refereed, completed 03/2015.
  • Reduce Waste. © 2006 Publication. 2015 stockists: Quimby’s, Chicago,; Bluestockings, NYC, CLASSROOM ADOPTION: Montana State University Adaptation, refereed, completed 03/2015.
  • Sketch School 2 © 2011 Publication. 2015 stockists: Quimby’s, Chicago, Adaptation, refereed, completed 03/2015.
  • Sketch School 1 © 2011 Publication. 2015 stockists: Printed Matter, NYC,; Atomic Books, Baltimore,; Needles and Pens, San Francisco,; Quimby’s, Chicago,; Monastiraki, Montreal,; Bluestockings, NYC, CLASSROOM ADOPTION: California College of the Arts, Bucknell University Adaptation, refereed, completed 03/2015.
  • Alpine Art’s third Annual Honoring Utah Artists Exhibition. Salt Lake City, UT. Honoring artists from Utah who have been influential in the arts during 2014. 12/5/14-1/5/15. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/05/2015.
  • UMFA, New Narratives: Recent Work by U of U Art Faculty 10/24/14–1/11/15 Curated Group Exhibition of Univ of Utah Faculty work. Curator: Katie Lee Koven, Salt Lake City, UT Exhibition, refereed, completed 10/24/2014.
  • Alpine Art's Second Annual Honoring Utah Artists Exhibition. Highlighting artists from all over Utah who have been influential in the arts during the 2013 year. Exhibition, refereed, completed 11/15/2013.
  • Curating, Production and Exhibition Layout Design of Exploring Sustainability Exhibit featured in the Utah Museum Fine Arts. Design and creation of furniture and pillows in exhibit. EXPLORING SUSTAINABILITY NOW ON VIEW | September 13, 2013 – July 28, 2014 Exploring Sustainability is an exhibition of new projects that explore how principles of ecological sustainability and affiliated design strategies are applied to creative thinking and to the design process. Curatorial/Production, completed 08/2013.
  • Design Arts Utah Juried Exhibit, Rio Grande Gallery, Salt Lake City, Design Arts Utah Award Recipients Exhibition: Upcycled Plastic Poufs, What is This? Poster/Book Exhibition, refereed, completed 06/2011.
  • Play Exhibition, Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn, New York, May-June 2011. Juried International Group Exhibition, Featured Work: Upcycled Plastic Poufs Exhibition, refereed, completed 05/2011.
  • AIGA Salt Lake City 100 Show Exhibit Exhibition, refereed, completed 05/2010.
  • Landscape: Shaken Gently with a Twist Exhibition, Art Access Gallery. Through the process of fusing and sewing, these works explore the use of plastic as product rather than simply a by-product of our daily habit of consumption. Exhibition, refereed, completed 03/19/2010.
  • 2009 UCDA DESIGN EXHIBITION, Seattle Washington Oct 09 Exhibition of winning entries from 39th Annual Design Competition Exhibition, completed 10/03/2009.
  • Concept and design of Revinylize identity for the AIGA Salt Lake City's Revinylize project. Commission, completed 09/01/2009.
  • UCDA: UNIVERSITY & COLLEGE DESIGNERS ASSOCIATION 39TH ANNUAL DESIGN COMPETITION, 2009 The UCDA Design Competition recognizes the best of the exceptional design work done to promote higher education. “What is This?” Poster/Book received gold award and judges choice award. Competition, completed 08/01/2009.
  • AIGA San Francisco Cause/Affect Exhibition, IBAB poster Exhibition, completed 07/09/2009.
  • Concept and design (a collaborative project with the Graphic Design students) of the What is This Poster/Book Project. Students in Art 3680: Typography designed type specimens in order to explore the nuances of different typefaces and teach the user about selecting and using typefaces. This poster also educates the user about how a book takes shape during the production process at the printer. The poster is designed to illustrate the meaning of printing terms that are not always understood by designers. Media Arts, completed 05/10/2009.
  • Bagging Birds Installation purchased by private collector Deborah Greene, Austin Texas. To be installed at her estate in 2010 Other, in progress 05/06/2009.
  • Bagging Birds Art Installation the the Utah Museum of Fine Arts University of Utah Faculty Exhibition Exhibition, completed 03/12/2009.
  • SUENOS CREATIVE, 2008 Offices: Salt Lake City {Worldwide Distribution} Baks Co. Pattern Development for Card Package Design Commission, completed 2008.
  • ART ACCESS GALLERY, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Selected individual exhibition, Bagging Birds installation Exhibition, completed 2008.


  • Inivited speaker for Utah State University's Hashimoto Seminar Visiting Designer Lecture Series . Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 02/28/2020.
  • Open Studio Presentation of work created during Faculty Artist Residency, July 15-28, 2012. Other, Presented, 07/28/2012.

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • Utah Museum of Natural History, Utah Futures Gallery Exhibit Development. PI: Carol Sogard. 11/2011 - 03/2012. Nugget: OurTrash.pdf
  • Fused Plastic Curtain. PI: Carol Sogard. 11/2011 - 02/2012. Nugget: DSC_3306.pdf
  • Fused Plastic Pillows. PI: Carol Sogard. 08/2011 - 11/2011.


  • Carol Sogard & Lauren Sinner (2017). Thunderbird Chair and Stooble. Surface Design Journal Exhibition in Print. Vol. 41 #4, 1. Published, 12/11/2017.
  • "Chew This" Zine Chew this is a zine about waste — specifically food waste — and all the trash that comes with it. Flat size: 10.25" x 8" Folded size: 5.125" x 8" 5 card inserts: 3.5" x 5" Includes one unique handmade trash button pin that is 2.5" 24 pages “Chew This” is a zine about food consumption waste. It communicates to the general consumer the importance of understanding the impacts of personal food consumption. Through the use of limited text, playful handwriting and drawing partnered with photographs; it is designed to get consumers thinking about this subject matter without overwhelming them with too much content. There are several resources that the reader can go to for more information.The card inserts remind consumers about what they can do to reduce their own plastic, paperboard and food waste through simple changes in behavior. Creative Director/writer/editor: Carol Sogard Design & Illustrations: Sydney Bishop CURRENTLY STOCKED IN THE FOLLOWING BOOKSELLERS: Atomic Books, Baltimore,; Bluestockings, NYC,; Printed Matter, NYC,; MOMAPS1 New York Art Book Fair 2016; Fellow Shop, Salt Lake City, Published, 05/30/2016.
  • Contributor to book: Design School Wisdom © 2014, Chronicle Books. Published, 04/2014.
  • BOOK: Common Interest: Documents, Design and format solutions for the arts, culture, academia and charities. Common Interest explores document design in the fields of arts, culture, academia, public sector an charities. Displayed, handed out or sold in art galleries, cultural events and other public places, these designs are shared by the general public. Without big corporate budgets, close to a hundred case studies show resourceful and creative design solutions, which improve their conveyed message. Focusing on considered environmental solutions and unique production and finishing techniques, each study list print and paper choices, together with details on finishing. This book is a practical guide and rich source of graphic creativity for designers and clients alike. publisher: Index Book, © 2010. Index Book is a Barcelona-based publishing house with an international approach specializing in graphic design and visual communication books. Featured work: What is This? A Poster. A Book. Published, 12/2010.
  • Client: HOBBS & OLSON ATTORNEYS/COUNSELORS. Creative Direction and design of collateral material to promote business. Published, 12/2010.
  • Branding for Regal Publicity PR firm. Includes creative direction of brand identity, promotional materials, website design. Published, 08/2010.
  • Reduce Waste Book (conception/design: Carol Sogard, design production: Jun Yoel Kim) and student works on sustainability included in the book SustainAble: A Handbook of Materials and Applications for Graphic Designers and Their Clients by Aaris Sherin, Rockport Publishers, 2008. Published, 07/09/2008.