• Professor, College Of Social Work
  • Professor in MUSE, MUSE
  • Project Director, Transforming classrooms into inclusive communities (TCIC) project, Ctle Ctr Teach & Learning Ed
  • Director Peace and Conflict Studies Program College of Humanities
  • Facilitator, President Watkin's Anti-Racism Task Force

Research Summary

My scholarship is interdisciplinary, and emphasizes model- building of practice approaches that address the interrelationships between: (1) Race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI) work (2) Individual and community well being and mental health practice (3) Peaceful conflict resolution and collaboration-building (4) Spirituality and religiosity (5) Environmental sustainability (6) Human global survival and well being


  • MSW, Social Work, San Diego State University
  • PhD, Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley


DrDave Derezotes recognizes and appreciates the privilege of working as an academic at the University He strives to use his privilege as an opportunity to be of service to the local and global communities.

He is Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) Program in the College of Humanities and Professor in the College of Social Work (CSW) where he is the Chair of Mental Health, as well as the Director of the Bridge Training Clinic (BTC). He also serves as a Fellow and Project Director at the University Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE).

He currently is Facilitator for President Watkin's Anti-Racism Task Force, which is charged with creating recommendations for retention of University Staff and Faculty of Color.

DrDave is also currently directing the "Transforming classrooms into inclusive communities" (TCIC) project with CTLE. He is leading a diverse team of facilitators who are working with instructors across campus, to help them transform challenging classroom conversations into opportunities for learning about diversity and developing inclusive communities.

Dr. Derezotes is still serving as Community Host for the weekly "Radical Middle" program on KRCL radio, which seeks to help identify common positions that people share, across the differences that often may divide us.

He is also currently working with a Bridge Training Clinic (BTC) site on the West Side of Salt Lake City, in cooperation with University Neighborhood Partnes (UNP) that targets under-served and minoritized populations, including our growing immigrant and refugee populations. He is also supervises an on-campus site that serves a broad range of clients and is now offering specialized services to GLBTQ populations. He is also co-directing a project funded by UNP called Transforming Neighborhoods into Inclusive Communities (TNIC).

As Chair of Mental Health at the CSW, he is interested in helping students develop both artistic and scientific factors in micro, mezzo, and macro practice, and utilize all ways of knowing in informing practice (including using both what is called “practice-based evidence” as well as “evidence-based practice”). His work recognizes that humans are "ecobiopsychsocialspiritual" beings who best develop and make contributions to society when all these dimensions of being human are valued and addressed. Teaching and mentoring of students and practitioners is especially important to him, and Dr. Derezotes strives to incorporate experiential learning in the classroom and community.

As Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program in the College of Humanities, Dr. Dave is currently working on many service projects, including  dialogues on race, gender, and religion on campus and in the community. He is involved in the community-based  “Bridging the Religious Divide” dialogue project, which has provided opportunities for community healing for almost two decades in Salt Lake City.

On campus, he is currently facilitating a number of Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) programs including a monthly reading group on race and privilege with the Health Scinces Library,a monthly dialogue group in Undergraduate Studies on transforming White Privilehge, and a series of training for college diversity committees in the Core Collaborative system in Health Sciences. He chairs the CSW Diversity and Social Justice Committee and attends the University Diversity Committee.

Dr Dave  is a member of the Utah MUSE program, and enjoys working with undergaduate students..

Dr. Derezotes has focused much of his scholarship in model building, and has published five textbooks, including the most-recent “Transforming historical trauma through dialogue” (Sage, 2014). In his model building, he has focused on “Ecobiopsychosocial-spiritual” approaches to Social Work that consider the interrelationship between individual well-being, community well-being, ecosystem health, and spirituality. He is currently creating a sixth textbook that combines insights from PCS, social work, and deep ecology.

Finally, on days when he is not working for money, DrDave can often be found somewhere in the desert, often on the Colorado Plateau, where he loves to wander and wonder in the wild beauties of Utah. May we all appreciate and protect our natural treasures!