• Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Anthropology Department


Current Courses

Fall 2017

  • ANTH 4334-001 Population Issues Anthr (Student Feedback)
    Location: ST 104 (William Stewart Bldg)
  • ANTH 6334-001 Population Issues Anthr

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

Teaching Philosophy

School should teach students to be independent learners.  Students should learn how to find information, evaluate its credibility and include it in their worldview.

Courses I Teach

  • Anth 4133/6133 - Maternal and Child Health.
    This class is course in human evolution. It elucidates ancestral patterns of reproduction and parenting in our species, including identiļ¬cation of basic mammalian and primate biology, energetic costs of pregnancy and lactation and cross-cultural comparisons of child care. Because humans are mammals, the core unit of measurement is the mother-infant pair.
  • Anth 4334/6334 - Population Issues in Anthropology.
    This class is about the history and dynamics of the human population. Topics include changes in numbers of people and their age distributions; land use, residence patterns and density; epidemiology of pre-and post-industrial cultures; warfare and violence; genetic evolution, the industrial revolution, and its consequences.