• Director of Graduate Studies, Writing and Rhetoric Studies
  • Associate Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies

Research Summary

Research interests include rhetoric of science, writing across the curriculum; technical and professional writing; research methods; and interdisciplinarity.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Georgia State University
  • Master of Arts, Foreign Language Education, Ohio State University Main Cam
  • Master of Arts, English, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Rhetoric, Carnegie Mellon University


Maureen A. Mathison (PhD, Carnegie Mellon University) is Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Studies. Prior to coming to the University of Utah, she was awarded the Charles Phelps Taft Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests include rhetoric of science, writing across the curriculum, techncial and professional writing, research methods, and interdisciplinarity. Her book on collaborating across disciplines, Sojourners and Third Cultures: A Case Study of Teaching Writing in Engineering, was published by Utah State University Press in 2019. She has published in Communication Theory, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, the Journal of Literacy, Written Communication, and in numerous edited volumes. Currently, Mathison is completing a book on contemporary controversy in science. Mathison was Director of the University Writing Program for 10 years, and once it achieved departmental status, she served as the inaugural chair.