Zach Lundeen
  • Director, Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa
  • Research Assistant Professor, Sch Of Environ,Society&Sustain
  • Affiliate Faculty, Global Change and Sustainability Center


  • Joshua Heyer, Simon Brewer, Andrea Brunelle, Berengere Leys, Zachary Lundeen, Tammy Rittenour & Mitchell Power (2022). Age control for the Lake Bottom oxbow in the Dolores River watershed of eastern Utah, USA. Quaternary International, Vol. 621, pp 62-73.. Published, 03/17/2022.
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  • Nicoll, K. and Lundeen, Z.J., (2010) A Case Study on the Geomorphic Effects of Fire: the 2009 Big Pole Fire, Skull Valley, UT. Vignettes –Key Concepts in Geomorphology. Online vignette supporting textbook :Bierman, P. and Montgomery, D. (Eds.) Key concepts in Geomorphology.W.H. Freeman, Vermont. Online at Published, 01/2010.

Research Keywords

  • Water Resources, Management or Planning
  • Paleoecology
  • Paleoclimatology