ERIN GRAHAM portrait
  • Associate Chair, Gender Studies
  • Special Assistant to the Dean
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Gender Studies
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Ethnic Studies

Honors & Awards

  • Integrative Studies in Social Science Teaching Award. Michigan State University, 02/26/2021

In the Media

Internal Service

  • Title IX Liaison for Transform. Service as a liasion to the University of Utah's Title IX committee. Communicate any changes to Transform, handle Title IX questions that arise, 07/01/2023 - present. University service.
  • Gender Studies Associate Chair; Learned and managed platforms that were new to me: CLSS, Kuali, Navigate U, DARS; Led successful applications for new General Education designations, which will increase enrollment in Gender Studies courses; Taught and facilitated Mellon Interns (7 hours in person meetings/week + additional prep/collaborative time); Created Spring 2024 course schedule, Summer 2024 course schedule, and Fall 2024 course schedule; Updated curriculum, aligned cross-listed courses, updated course descriptions and titles; Fielded emails and assisted students and faculty as needed; Worked towards assessing learning outcomes; Identified opportunities for growth and worked to recruit and retain Gender Studies students and increase enrollment; Created Box resources for faculty; Helped track and guide students pursuing the Gender Studies Graduate Certificate and responded to questions about the certificate; Supported faculty in developing new courses designed to enhance student experiences; Contributed to strategic planning process; Served on the Transform scholarship committee; Advertised courses and created templates for faculty to use to recruit new students; Trained multiple new advisors on Gender Studies curriculum and fielded questions about students and curriculum as they arose; Collaborated with Communications staff to revise website and plan new ways to conduct outreach to students; Collaborated with staff on a number of initiatives in addition to troubleshooting many questions that arose; Made revisions to catalog; Identified problems with systems/platforms and addressed those as needed; Co-led Queer Studies Emphasis proposal; Attended meetings as requested by Chair or Dean; Filled major gaps when there was no advisor nor dedicated administrative assistant to help with scheduling, curriculum, and advising; (840 hours served: July 1, 2023-December 31, 2023). 07/01/2023 - present. Department service.