• Associate Professor (Clinical), Pathology

Research Statement

My research interests are focused on improving Transfusion Medicine through better understanding of the immune response to transfusion, the production of bench-to-bench side assays, and improved utilization of emerging technologies. My undergraduate work at the University of Michigan informs my current approach to scientific questions. I use a sound logic and a methodical approach to answering questions in Transfusion Medicine. As an attending at Versiti (formally BloodCenter of Wisconsin), my focus was to combine basic science knowledge to answer clinical conundrums as a translational physician scientist. Interesting clinical cases arrived to the Versiti Immunohematology Reference Laboratory from around the world, which could not be resolved with standard clinical techniques. Interweaving modern basic science methods from my lab often resulted in a clinically actionable answer. The most significant projects I worked on included modernization of the rare donor database by using machine learning and data visualization to predict the loci of rare donors in the population, identification of ABO subgroups with glycan microarrays, red blood cell glycan lesions in sickle cell disease, and glycan antibody formation in COVID-19 convalescent plasma. 

In my current role at CBS, I will collaborate with local clinicians to improve blood safety, efficacy, and utilization. This will come in the form of Quality Utilization Efficacy Safety Transfusion (QUEST) projects and collaborations with CBS members in publishing novel findings in the National Immunohematology Reference Laboratory.


  • English, Fluent.


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