• Adjunct Assistant Professor, College Of Law - Dean

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • LAW 7360-001
    Health Law
    Location: LAW 5606 (LAW 5606)

Spring 2024

Teaching Philosophy

I am commited to helping students find their authentic place and voice.  Professional education is often conceived as developing a  skill that can provide lucrative employment; while that can be an important goal, we should never lose sight of the need to elevate critical thinking, the rewards of reading widely and well, a broad appreciation for our rich diversity of culture and heritage, and opportunities for a thoughtful life well lived.  W.E.B. DuBois, in lanaguage born of his time, wrote that the purpose of education is not to make the man a carpenter, but to make the carpenter a man.  Borrowing an idea from Aristotle, I want very much to help people be more authentic lawyers and physicians, but I want even more to help lawyers and physicians be more authentic people.   

Courses I Teach

  • 6340-090 - The Regulatory System
    The course, designed primarily for the Master of Legal Studies program, introduces students to administrative law and regulatory interpretation.
  • 7080-002 - Health Care Regulation
    This seminar-style course focuses on the complex regulatory structures that have emerged to address fraud, waste and abuse in the health care system. We consider the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute, and the False Claims Act, with some attention to the Civil Money Penalties Law, the CMS Exclusion Authority, and the fraud provisions of HIPAA. The implications of these laws for health care compliance programs will be underscored throughout the semester.
  • 7889-001 - Law and Biomedicine Colloquium
    The Law and Biomedicine Colloquium brings together scholars, practitioners in our community, law students, and law faculty for seminar-style discussion of complex and controversial topics in the field.
  • 7900-002 - Legal Profession
    This course surveys the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, contrasting the limited differences in the Utah Rules of Professional Responsibility, and reviews judicial decisions and ethics opinions governing the obligations of lawyers to their clients, the judiciary, the legal profession and the public.