Research Statement

Dr. Lee’s research covers a broad range of topics relevant to healthy aging and chronic disease prevention and management, with particular interests in the role of lifestyle factors (e.g., physical activity) in promoting population health. During her doctoral and postdoctoral training, she played a pivotal role in implementation and evaluation of various evidence-based programs, such as A Matter of Balance (i.e., community-based fall prevention program), Fit & Strong! (i.e., physical activity program), Texercise-Select (i.e., lifestyle program), and Stanford University’s chronic disease self-management programs (e.g., Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and Diabetes Self-Management Program). Her long-term goal is to expand the understanding of behavior change among middle-aged and older adults, role of aging in society, and how interventions can be widely scaled and sustained to enhance healthy aging at the population level.


Research Keywords

  • Older Adults
  • Lifestyle Behavior Changes
  • Health Disparities
  • Health Behavior Change: Theories, Research, Interventions, and Evaluation
  • Chronic Disease


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  • Korean, fluent.
  • Mandarin Chinese, functional.


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