• Associate Professor, College Of Law - Dean


  • J.D., Law, Yale
  • A.B., International Relations, Brown University


Professor Koningisor’s scholarship explores the intersection of media law, constitutional law, and local government law. She is interested in the ways that different legal regimes—from federal and state transparency statutes, to procedural rules, to state constitutions—alter the breadth and scope of secrecy and transparency in government. She is particularly interested in how new technologies have upended the information ecosystems that allow the press and the public to hold the government to account 


Her scholarly work has appeared in the Northwestern University Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Reviewand the Yale Law JournalPreviously, Ms. Koningisor worked as a lawyer for the New York Times, a law clerk for Chief Judge Sidney Thomas on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appealsa Fulbright Fellow in Kuwait, and a member of the editorial staff at the Atlantic magazine. She is a graduate of Yale Law School and Brown University