• Assistant Professor (Lecturer), College Of Social Work

Current Courses

Spring 2022

  • SW 3400-001
    Impact of Child Abuse
    Location: SW 137 (SW 137)
  • SW 3400-091
    Impact of Child Abuse
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 3400-291
    Impact of Child Abuse
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • SW 6120-004
    Reflexive Social Work I
    Location: SW 301 (SW 301)
  • SW 6220-730
    Reflexive Social Work 2
    Location: SW 133 (SW 133)

Practice History

  • Senior Housing Manager, LA LGBT Center. 02/2021 - present .
  • Program Manager, LA LGBT Center. 05/2020 - present .
  • HOTTER Program Manager, Test Positive Aware Network. 03/2018 - present .
  • Outreach Specialist, The Door . 09/2017 - present .
  • Director of Case Management, Los Angeles Youth Network. 03/2016 - present .
  • Program Manager, Los Angeles Youth Network. 08/2015 - present .
  • Program Coordinator, Center on Halsted. 01/2012 - present .

Teaching Philosophy


Teaching Interests:  Social Justice and Anti-Oppressive Practices; Youth and Young Adult Populations, Complex Trauma, Trauma-Informed Practice, Homelessness and Housing, Clinical Case Management and Generalist Social Work Practice

I love teaching!  As a social work educator, I bring with me a commitment to basic social work ideals and breadth experience in grassroots social work practice. This experience includes my work in community-based agencies across the nation addressing issues of trauma, poverty, youth homelessness, child welfare, HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ disparities, as well as my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique.  These varied social work experiences allow me to connect with students and effectively bridge the gap between social work theory and practice.

Teaching Philosophy: 

Within the classroom I seek to create a welcoming, inclusive and dynamic learning environment, that invites all students to fully engage in the learning process. It is a priority for me to give students a voice in class through discussion, hands-on exercises and interactive role-plays designed to practice skills and increase comfort with the subject matter.  I encourage open communication within the classroom, allowing students to ask questions and engage in dialogue with each other. I believe peer to peer learning helps to enrich the course material, as it invites students to share personal experiences and viewpoints with each other.  I believe it is especially important for social work education to support collaboration, cultivate curiosity, encourage critical thinking and promote problem solving. 

Just as in clinical practice, attunement with my students and self-reflection serve as motivation to elicit and thoughtfully apply student feedback which helps improve my teaching and enhance students’ educational experiences.  While I work from a course syllabus to ensure that students learn key concepts from the coursework, I often include my practice examples as they apply to student contexts, interests, and opportunities for growth.  As an educator, I seek opportunities to connect theory to practice, helping to communicate and illustrate to students how social work concepts actually show up and/or are applied within our work.

Regardless of the course content, I work to infuse anti-oppressive and social justice principles throughout the course.  I challenge students to engage in reflexive practice.  I seek to prepare students to develop awareness around how they show up in the work and how issues of identity, privilege and oppression influence social work practice.  I demonstrate intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, empathy, cultural humility and hopefulness. And I seek to motivate students to critically examine issues of social, racial and economic justice and their role in creating a more safe, humane and just society