Rand Kerr
  • MHA Program Director, Ois Operations & Info Systems
  • Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives, American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Ois Operations & Info Systems

Current Courses

Fall 2023

  • MHA 6800-091
    Prac Mgmt in Healthcare
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • MHA 6804-002
    Location: CRCC 110 (CRCC 110)

Summer 2023

Professional Organizations

  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration. 09/01/2020 - present. Position : Member.
  • American College of Healthcare Executives. 09/01/1994 - present. Position : Fellow.

Courses I Teach

  • MHA 6210 - Human Resources for Healthcare
    This course is part of the core curriculum for the MHA Program. It is intended to provide a specific level of learning with regard to a subset of the MHA Program Competencies and how they may be related those to the healthcare environment. Students will learn the basics of Human Resource Management and reinforce fundamental principles of management and problem solving. Strategic and analytical thinking and leadership are emphasized throughout the course.
  • MHA 6530 - Healthcare Administration
    Healthcare Administration serves as an introductory course to the field healthcare administration. The course is designed to give students exposure to a myriad of healthcare organizations and their challenges. Through readings, case studies, simulations, and guest lectures, this course aims to illustrate the reality of healthcare administration and relevant issues facing healthcare leaders today.
  • MHA 6800 - Practical Management in Healthcare
    This course will provide a learning environment where students can engage in critical thinking about issues facing healthcare leaders. The course will introduce students to leadership theories and style, organizational culture, time management, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and inclusive practices in the healthcare setting.
  • MHA 6803 - Strategic Healthcare Management
    This course is designed to instruct the concepts of strategy and strategic management in the healthcare industry. This course is concerned with the role, skills, and functions of the healthcare managers and leaders, their methods of formulating and executing strategy, and making strategic decisions.
  • MHA 6850 - Healthcare Operations Management
    The Healthcare Operations course is designed to cover key topics in healthcare operations management, leading students to skills and knowledge necessary to overcome common challenges in managing operations within a health care delivery system. Health care operations management is maturing as a discipline as it seeks to adopt concepts and practices from other operations-intensive industries. The skills covered in this class will be vital to anybody seeking to build a career in healthcare.