Current Courses

Fall 2023

  • ENGL 1200-001
    Intro Study Language
  • LING 120-001
    Intr Study Language
  • LING 1200-001
    Intro Study Language
  • LING 3950-010
    Service Learning
  • LING 3955-010
    Internship in Ling
  • LING 6021-002
    Graduate Syntax
  • LINGC 120-001
    Intr Study Language

Summer 2023

Spring 2023

Teaching Philosophy

Alongside my research interest, I care deeply about the pedagogical connections between social sciences, humanities, and computer science. I am also interested in establishing bridges between academia and industry, and preparing students for successful careers in both. If you are a student and need advice in this sense, get in touch!