• Head of Composition, School Of Music
  • Assistant Professor, School Of Music

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • MUSC 2570-001
    Composition Seminar
    Location: DGH 324 (DGH 324)
  • MUSC 3570-001
    Junior Composition
  • MUSC 4436-001
    Electroacoustic Ens
    Location: DGH 272 (DGH 272)
  • MUSC 4500-001
    Senior Composition
  • MUSC 6530-001
    Composition: Master's
  • MUSC 6976-004
    Composition Project
  • MUSC 7530-001
    Composition: Ph. D.

Spring 2024

Professional Organizations

  • Mujeres en la Música. 08/01/2021 - present. Position : Member.
  • SGAE - Sociedad General de Autores y Editores. 02/01/2000 - present. Position : Member.
  • PROMUSCAN Asociación para la promoción de la música culta de Canarias. 02/01/2000 - present. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy centers on fostering an engaging and inclusive learning environment characterized by open dialogue among students. I firmly believe that one of the primary responsibilities of an educator is to expose students to a rich tapestry of possibilities presented in a manner that resonates with their unique perspectives. Essential to this approach is the deliberate infusion of diverse cultural, ethnic, and gender viewpoints into the educational experience, ensuring that all students find themselves authentically represented in the materials and discussions. This representation, in turn, ignites a collective motivation to participate in the learning process actively.

My journey as a student, which spanned multiple countries—Spain, Turkey, and the United States—exposed me to a myriad of teaching methodologies. This cross-cultural immersion from the age of eighteen ignited my passion for teaching, prompting me to pursue two bachelor’s degrees in Piano Pedagogy and Music Theory Pedagogy in Spain. A memorable lesson from my student experience is the profound impact of diversity on education. Consequently, I strive to infuse diversity into my teaching, linking the world of music to other domains, such as the arts, politics, literature, and science. Furthermore, I aspire to facilitate collaborations with institutions worldwide, broadening our horizons through direct exposure to different educational environments.

My approach to teaching has been enriched by my extensive teaching experience across various countries and educational settings, spanning from private lessons and municipal music schools to K-12, conservatories, and university-level instruction. Teaching in different languages, with diverse curricula, and across a wide range of musical topics, including piano, voice, aural skills, music theory, ensemble performance, music technology, composition, and musicology, has honed my adaptability and student-centered focus. My emphasis lies in guiding students through experiential learning, prioritizing problem-solving, analysis activities, teamwork, and facilitating their independent grasp of knowledge.

Central to my teaching philosophy is the use of questions to inspire critical thinking and self-discovery. I design activities that encourage discussions, enabling students to unearth insights independently. Moreover, I create assignments that empower students to produce unique content using their acquired knowledge. This multifaceted approach ensures that knowledge and experience flow along multiple pathways, creating a dynamic, collaborative learning environment.

I firmly believe that demonstrating care and empathy is the bedrock of effective teaching. Establishing a solid human connection is essential for nurturing a supportive learning environment. I invest substantial time in individualized attention for each student, consistently engaging in their progress, showing interest in their activities, attending their events, and providing constructive feedback. This commitment to understanding each student as an individual informs my ability to pose the right questions, sparking their intellectual growth and maturity.

Regarding student assessment, I view it as an integral part of the learning process, an ongoing dialogue that begins on day one. I provide students with clear evaluation guidelines at the outset and offer regular feedback, aligning their performance with the grading criteria. This approach fosters a sense of responsibility and independence in students, enabling them to actively shape their educational journey and understand that their grades are not a surprise but a reflection of their dedication and effort.

In conclusion, my teaching philosophy centers on creating a vibrant, inclusive, and interactive learning environment that celebrates diversity and empowers students to become active, self-directed learners. I aspire to continually evolve as an educator, both through student feedback and by actively seeking opportunities for professional development and exploration of innovative teaching methodologies.