• Head of Composition, School Of Music
  • Assistant Professor, School Of Music

Research Summary

Elisabet Curbelo is a composer of instrumental, vocal, and interdisciplinary works who specializes in the creation of electroacoustic music. Her research includes the use of free-space gestures to control sound. In her electroacoustic music, she implements this through the use of wearable technologies to control some of the music dimensions real-time. Experimentation is at the heart of Dr. Curbelo’s work. Collaboration and interdisciplinary work are also essential to her creative process.


  • B.Mus., Piano Pedagogy, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias
  • B.Mus., Music Theory Pedagogy, Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid
  • M.Mus., Music Composition , Istanbul Technical University
  • Ph.D., Music, University of California San Diego. Project: Ululations and Gurgles of the Invisible.


Elisabet Curbelo is a composer and performer from the Canary Islands. Her music education started at a very early age in Gran Canaria and later in Madrid, Spain. She holds an M.Mus. in Composition from Istanbul Technical University under the mentorship of Pieter Snapper and a Ph.D. in Music Composition from UC San Diego under the mentorship of Roger Reynolds. 
Throughout her career, Elisabet’s work and dedication have been valued by diverse institutions, as she has been awarded numerous grants, prizes, and commissions. Her music has been performed worldwide. It includes pieces for ensemble and solo instruments, voice, choir, acoustic and electroacoustic music, music for dance, installation work, and music audiovisual media. 
Her research focuses on creating interdisciplinary collaborative performance, the use of sensors to control electronics with movement, extended vocal techniques based on her study of West Asian music and culture. Mainly Elisabet is interested in working on artistic projects that promote diversity, inclusivity, and inspire social change.