Tiffany D Sanders Baffour portrait
  • Associate Professor, College Of Social Work
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Graduate School
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, University of Utah, Graduate School, Graduate School

Professional Organizations

  • CSWE Anti-Racism in Social Work Education Task Force . 06/15/2020 - 12/31/2021. Position : Member & Co-Chair, Workgroup for Conferences & Faculty Development .
  • Council on Social Work Education, Council on Conferences and Professional Development. 12/01/2018 - 06/30/2023. Position : Chair.

Courses I Teach

  • SOW 7140 - Instructional Theory and Practice
    The purpose of this course is to assist doctoral students in developing a beginning philosophy and a framework for teaching in higher education. The course is designed to provide opportunities for developing knowledge, skills, and frameworks that can increase teaching effectiveness.

Pedagogical Publications

  • Gharbi, V. & Baffour, T. D. (2022). Advancing culturally disruptive pedagogies to dismantle anti-Black racism in the generalist social work curriculum. In L. S. Abrams, S. Edmonds Crewe, A. J. Dettlaff, & J. H. Williams (Eds.), Social Work, White Supremacy, and Racial Justice: Reckoning with Our History, Interrogating Our Present, Re-Imagining Our Future. Oxford University Press. Paper accepted, 11/01/2021.
  • Osteen, P., Castillo, J, Morris, R.C & Baffour T.D. (2021). Professional values, gatekeeping, and motivations for seeking the MSW degree. Journal of Social Work Education. Paper published, 12/01/2021.
  • Chonody, J, Sultsman, V. & Baffour, T.D. (2020). A scoping review of college students’ attitudes toward the environment: Implications for integrating environmental justice education into social work. Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Education in Social Work, 23 (2), 3-21. Paper published, 10/31/2021.
  • Parker, M. A., Baffour, T., & Cruz, L. (2018). The i3 model: Rethinking how faculty teach quality online and blended courses. In 13th International Conference on e-Learning, (pp. 323-XVII). Academic Conferences International Limited. Paper published, 06/06/2018.
  • Gourdine, R.M. & Baffour, T.D. (2004). Maximizing learning: Evaluating a competency-based training program for field instructors. The Clinical Supervisor, 23(1), 33-53. Paper published, 07/01/2004.
  • Gourdine, R.M. & Sanders, T. (2003). Missed opportunities and unlimited possibilities: Teaching disability content in schools of social work. In S. D. Miller (Ed.), Disability and the Black Community (pp. 207-219). Routledge. Paper published, 09/01/2003.