Anton Franz-Josef Wroblewski portrait
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Geology & Geophysics

Research Statement

I have several self-funded projects at various stages, but I am not taking on students because I am in an adjunct position. Holistic integration of sedimentological, ichnological, paleontological, and paleogeographic data is critical to fully addressing questions related to the impacts of various driving mechanisms like climate, tectonics, sea level, and external forcing mechanisms on biological and sedimentary systems. My research on fluvial and shallow marine clastic environments relies heavily on incorporating all available data sets into a "total evidence" approach. In this way, seemingly contradictory lines of evidence can be reconciled and placed in an appropriate context in a way that would not be possible by focussing on only a single data set. I am espacially interested in the role of environmental perturbation on local and regional biological communities and the feedback loop that initiates with local sedimentary processes and deposits.

Research Keywords

  • ichnology
  • clastic
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Sedimentology

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Norway
    Central North Sea.
  • South Africa
    Deltaics of the Permian Tanqua and Lainsburg sub-basins are a place I've spent not nearly enough time.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Central North Sea.
  • United States of America
    Sedimentological and Ichnological Research Projects.


  • Anton Wroblewski (2022). The makers of Rhamphichnus ispp. reinterpreted as lepidosaurian and crocodilian, not pterosaurian. Geobios. Accepted, 12/05/2022.
  • Keith Minor, Anton F.-J. Wroblewski, Cornel Olariu, Ronald J. Steel & Jeff Crabaugh (2022). Facies Partitioning of Fluvial, Wave, and Tidal Influences Across the Shoreline-to-Shelf Architecture in the Western Interior Campanian Seaway, USA. Geological Society London. Published, 11/01/2022.
  • Anton Wroblewski & Bonnie E. Gulas-Wroblewski (2022). Neoichnology of the Burrowing Mayfly Tortopus circumfluus (Ephemoroptera: Polymitarcyidae) and its Bearing on Glossifungites gingrasi. Lethaia. Vol. 55, 1-14. Published, 09/2022.
  • Anton Wroblewski & Emma A. Morris (2022). Unconformity Generation and the Shift from Storm- to Tide-Dominated Processes in a Jurassic Retroarc Foreland Basin: Insights from Ichnology. The Depositional Record. Accepted, 09/01/2022.
  • Anton Wroblewski & Ronald J. Steel (2022). Paleocene (65-63 and 58.5 Ma) Marine Flooding and 62-60 Ma Bypass in Southern Wyoming: Implications for Sediment Flux to the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Sedimentary Research. Vol. 92, 859-894. Published, 09/2022.
  • Anton F.-J. Wroblewski & Bonnie E. Gulas-Wroblewski (2021). Earliest evidence of marine habitat use by mammals. Scientific Reports. Published, 05/13/2021.